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Thermal Shock- and Stress Screening Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers: Fast temperature change rates for extreme stressing of test specime are characteristic to these types of chambers. The aim is to detect early failure and to increase reliability. The vertical models have independent hot and cold controlled temperature zones with 32, 66, 130 and 350 litres test volumes. The Thermal Shock Chamber can realize national and internationale standards (DIN, IEC, BS, MIL)

Stress-Screening-Chambers: In accordance to the flexible modular concept the temperature and climatic chambers are available with test volumes 100, 200, 500, 530 and 900 litres and temperature change rates from 5°C/min up to >20°C/min . Climatic versions of thes series are also available.

Thermal Shock Chamber

Test space:32, 66, 130 and 350 litre
Temperature range:
-70°C ... +200 (250)°C
fast temperature change rates
Typical fields of applications:
suitable for ESS, Halt, Hass tests

Test space:100 up of more than 1500 litres
Temperature range:
-40°C/-70°C ... +180°C, humidity optional
small tolerances, many options possible,
variation of the temperature speed up of more than 25°C/min
Typical fields of applications:
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